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William's Stump Grinding is a small local business founded by William Jeffress. We provide residential stump grinding and stump removal services in the River Valley and the surrounding areas. We use the Carlton SP5014 series self-propelled stump cutter for our stump grinding services. The machine is designed to move quickly and exert maximum cutting power, which allows us to finish jobs quickly. Whether you want it gone for safety reasons, appearance, or convenience, William's Stump Grinding will grind your stumps for a fair price.

Stump Grinding is Important for the Following Reasons:

Mowing Convenience

Mowing Convenience

There's no question about how troublesome it can be to have to mow around a stump every week, especially if there are multiple stumps. Let William's Stump Grinding take care of it so you can mow your yard quickly and easily.

Small Children's Safety

Small Children's Safety

If you have kids, you know how easily they can get distracted while playing. If they get distracted at the wrong time, a stump could cause injury to your child. Let us take care of your stump(s) so your children stay safe.



An old stump is always an eyesore in a finely manicured lawn. Get rid of it with William's Stump Grinding, and get back to having the best lawn on your block!

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I've used this service multiple times and referred him to many friends...No complaints what so ever.
If you are looking to get it done right and quick....William is your guy!!

Gets the job done asap, super friendly, and gives good prices!

Great guys. Highly recommend.

William ground out 9 stumps for me. Two of which were massive stumps and did a great job!
Very reasonable on prices. Highly recommend.

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